Digital Illustrations

Digital illustrations and backgrounds inspired by nature and a love of the sea.

Recycled Art

Recycled art and jewellery using found objects, ghost net and other fishing gear retrieved from the ocean by local professional fishers or collected from beaches around the coast.

Ghost Net Baskets

Evolving from my recycled artworks, these little baskets are handmade using woven or crocheted cotton and unravelled ghost net. 


I use photography to capture the wildlife and details in nature around me. Many of my photos then form the basis of my digital illustrations.

About me - Lyn Lambeth

My current work reflects a diverse career path which has included professional fishing, marine science, design and art making. One of my key passions is raising awareness of the many problems caused by plastics in the ocean. Wherever possible, I recycle rubbish from my local area. Much of this flotsam and jetsam is discarded junk and old fishing gear — re-purposed rubbish into artwork.

My digital work is correspondingly inspired by nature and a love of the sea.